Research & Development

Masterflex tubing pump systems are ideal for research and development. The pumps are very easy to load and extremely versatile for use in the laboratory or process scale-up areas. Repeatability is excellent for low-volume dispensing and metering applications, and, under most conditions, the valveless design eliminates clogging and siphoning of fluid. These modular systems allow you to use one pump drive for many applications.
  • Acid/base dispensing
  • Aspiration of tissue culture
  • media
  • Circulation of cell suspension in fermentation
  • Chromatography
  • Coolant circulation in low temp baths
  • Desiccator air circulation
  • Distilled water transfer
  • Dispensing agar into petri
  • dishes
  • Electrophoresis
  • Elutriation
  • Filtration pumps
  • Flow injection analysis
  • Gas sampling system
  • Gel column pump
  • Injection metering pump
  • Liquid-phase
  • chemiluminescence
  • Magnetic particle separation
  • Nutrient supply for cultures
  • pH acid/base metering
  • Spectrophotometer pump
  • Sterilized media dispensing
  • Transfer pump-circulating baths
  • Toxicology assays (salt
  • solutions
Modular design
Mix/match pump heads, tubing, and drives for many applications.
Fluid media only contacts inside of tubing.
Adjustable occlusion
Over-occlude for priming and pressure; reduce for longer tubing life.
Operate in both directions without disconnecting tubing.
Wide range of tubing materials
Compatible with numerous laboratory chemicals.
Multichannel capability
Use up to 32 channels simultaneously on one drive.
Easy cleanup
Simply change the tubing to clean the pump.
Runs dry
Use as a low-flow aspirator or air/vacuum pump.
Easily sterilized
Sterilize tubing via ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, or autoclave
High-accuracy dispenser
Calibrate digital drives for accuracies up to ±0.5%.
Remote control
Interface with PC or other analytical instruments.
Generates vacuum up to 660 mm Hg (26" Hg).
Low cell disruption
Circulate cell tissue with minimal damage (low shear).
Handles viscous materials
Dispense agars and suspensions.
OEM packages
Design into your lab dispensers or analytical equipment.