Industrial & Manufacturing

For everyday transferring and metering applications in the laboratory or plant, Masterflex pumps are the answer. They offer predictable service in continuous-duty areas, while solving many tough pumping applications. Use these pumps to handle wastewater, suspended solids, harsh chemicals and more; up to 42 LPM (11.1 GPM). The pumps are easy to use and maintain, and the drives are designed to handle the rugged environment of any plant.
Adhesives for cement Dispensing glue emulsions Silicone wafer rinse
Carpet sanitizers/cleaners Laundry chemicals Crankcase oil analyzer
Caustic detergents pH control of effluent Inks for lithographs
Chemicals for car washers Smoke-generating machines Lubricator for ball bearings
Dyes in fabric manufacturing Plating chemicals Coating for coils
Etching chemicals for plate
Pulp quality monitoring Tank transfer pumps
Chlorine analyzers Microfilm developing machine Polishing slurry pump
Oil skimmer Web printing inks


Features Benefits
Wide range of tubing materia Compatible with many industrial chemicals.
Noncontaminating Fluid media only contacts inside of tubing.
Self-priming Suction lifts up to 8.8 m (29 ft).
Runs dry Handles liquids and gas easily without damaging the pump.
Easy cleanup Simply change the tubing to clean the pump
Reversible Operate in both directions without disconnecting tubing.
Handles viscous materials Transfer and dispense oils or fluids in suspension
Modular design Mix and match pump heads, tubing, and drives for many applications
OEM packages Design into your own industrial metering and transfer equipment