Food & Beverage

Masterflex can handle a wide range of fluids, from hot water and vitamin solutions to thick molasses. The pump heads are designed for easy tubing exchange, and a wide selection of the drives have ”wash-down” capabilities. Most importantly for food applications, Masterflex tubing is available that meets USP Class VI, FDA, NSF, EP, and 3A requirements.





Application Examples

Pizza sauce dispensing Automatic drain cleaners
Salad dressing pump Popcorn butter dispensing
Glass washing system Vitamin A & D injection
Ice cream pump


Features Benefits
High-purity Fluid media only contacts tubing—USP, FDA, EP, 3A, NSF compliance.
Easy cleanup Simply change the tubing to clean the pump
Wide range of tubing materials Compatible with many foods and chemicals
Handles viscous material Transfer and dispense yogurts, ice cream, and food particles.
Easily sterilized Sterilize by ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, or autoclave.
Adjustable occlusion Over-occlude for priming; reduce for longer tubing life and particulates
Reversible Operate in both directions without disconnecting tubing
Self-priming Lift fluids up to 8.8 m (29 ft
Modular design Mix and match pump heads, tubing, and drives for many applications
OEM packages Design into your lab dispensers or analytical equipment.