Environmental & Special

Portability and convenience are built into every Masterflex environmental sampling pump. Choices of DC or AC systems facilitate simple, accurate sample collection. The suction lift and noninvasive/noncontaminating designs of our pump heads and tubing enable sample collection in accordance with EPA and other standard protocols.
Composite Sampler
Composite Sampler
Application Examples
Contaminated ground water Greenhouse watering
Tree spraying
Chemical drum sampling Fertilizer applications Water salinity analyzers
Enzyme isolation Pesticide delivery systems Wastewater sampling
Flow injection analysis Sewage/sludge analysis


Features Benefits
Noncontaminating Samples collected only contact inside diameter (ID) of tubing.
Self-priming Suction lifts up 8.8 m (29 ft)
Runs dry Pump is not damaged when left unattended.
Wide range of tubing material Compatible with water or waste samples
Easy cleanup Simply change the tubing to clean the pump
Reversible Purge and collect sample with one pump.
Modular design Mix and match pump heads, tubing, and DC, AC, or hand-operated drives
OEM packages Design into your water sampling or analytical equipment.