Dairy Process Pump

Handles viscous materials

  • Non contaminating
  • Self-priming (no valves)
  • Easy cleanup, IP55 rated for washdown
  • Delivers up to 8 LPM (2.1 GPM) with I/P® 73 Noreprene® food pump tubing
  • Easy-Load® pump head facilitates quick tubing changes between samples
  • Vary occlusion to handle purees, syrups, and other viscous fluids in the mixture
  • Variable-speed drive features handles for convenient portability

Pump products shown
EW-77601-60 I/P® Easy-Load® Pump Head
EW-06402-73 I/P 73 Norprene® Food Pump Tubing
EW-77411-00 I/P Brushless Process Drive