Composite Sampler

Specifications & Description

  • Range4.2 to 1100mL/min
  • Accuracy±0.5% full-scale
  • Bottle TypeHDPE
  • Sampling PumpPeristaltic
  • TubingSilicone (L/S® 24)
  • Max Lift (ft)26
  • Max Lift (m)7.9
  • Power12 VDC rechargeable battery (included) or 115/230 VAC (power supply sold separately)
  • DescriptionE/S Composite Sampler, 600 rpm

Key Features

  • Controls can wait up to 90 days for a remote signal
  • Use one of the six preset programs or customize up to five for your specific needs
  • Adjustable back-lit LCD and glow-in-the-dark keypad help you to read the control panel in low-light environments
  • Slim design makes it easy to pass through standard 18-inch diameter manhole
  • When case is closed and latched, sampler floats in water for up to 30 minutes!
  • IP56-rated control panel protects against inclement weather and splashing water
  • Rechargeable battery makes it ideal for field applications

More About this Item

The versatile Masterflex® E/STM composite sampler can collect a 9.0-liter sample while running unattended—ideal for a variety of environmental field applications. The highly visible yellow housing makes it easy to spot and recover in the field.
The programmable control panel lets you set the sample size, sampling time, and delayed start. Start/stop and standby functions can be programmed for convenient remote control operation. The standby function delays the sampling up to 167 hours, 59 minutes—you don’t have to be there when the sampling begins.
The sampler lifts water, slurries, and liquid waste up to 25 feet, and logs 300 sampling events. The reversible flow function purges the tubing and removes material from the inlet. In-line sensors ensure volume accuracy and prevent the carboy from overfilling. The flow rate depends on the tubing you use.
The sampler can be powered by the built-in 12 VDC battery, or by the universal converter for 115 or 230 VAC operation. The converter can also recharge the 12 VDC battery. The battery will run the motor for three hours before it needs recharging. The LCD alerts you at startup when the internal battery needs recharging. Order the automotive power adapter separately below to run off of a DC power supply. Unit measures 13-1/2″W x 17-1/2″H x 11″D.
What’s included: a Masterflex® L/S® Easy-Load® pump head, a 9-liter HDPE carboy, 12 VDC rechargeable battery, 115/230 VAC power converter/battery recharger, quick-disconnect fittings for inlet and outlet connections, and 25-ft of L/S® peroxide-cured silicone tubing.

Pump product shown
WZ-07580-00 Masterflex E/S Composite Sampler, 600 rpm