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30 Years of Data Logging Experience
As the T&D family of data loggers continues to grow and improve so does its market share; the longtime #1 seller in its home country of Japan is now available in over 20 countries worldwide.
A Data Logger Selection to Fit Your Needs.
Not only does our family of loggers cover a wide variety of measurement items but we also have a variety of types sure to fit your communication and measuring environment.
Trustworthy Quality
While eliminating the effects of power voltage and ambient temperature our specially designed measurement method brings you a safe high quality way to measure and record data at a cost you can afford.
Auto-Upload of Data to Cloud Storage
Data can be collected via USB, wireless radio communication, wired and wireless LAN, as well as, by mobile device. And by auto-uploading your data to our free T&D WebStorage Service you can now access it from anywhere anytime.
Manage and Analyze Data with T&D Graph
T&D Graph enables direct access to data whether it has downloaded to a local computer or uploaded to T&D WebStorage Service. The data filtering feature allows you to search for and analyze data with user-defined criteria and display the highest, lowest, and average measurements for a specified time span.