ION+ recognises the importance of an autoclave within your practice.  When your autoclave fails, you may no longer be able to maintain the high standard of hygiene that you pride yourself on and your business could rapidly grind to a halt as your supply of sterile equipment is used.

We can help you drastically reduce the down time you experience due to a  fault with an autoclave, by ensuring regular servicing of your unit. We are happy to supply you with one of our many loan units in order to ensure the continued smooth running of your business while we service your unit.

When the unexpected happens and your autoclave fails we are happy to dispatch one of our many qualified technicians to assess the fault.  In the event that we are not able to resolve the issue in a timely manner; or where we need to remove the item to our base for repair, we will do our very best  to assist you with one of our loan units to ensure that your business does not skip a beat.